smart fintech network

What we do?

The Smart Fintech Network strives to support the fintech ecosystem and fintech innovation by:

  • staying tuned with market-driven developments and policy actions on fintech,
  • doing research and analysis on fintech,
  • taking own fintech initiatives.

While we are based in the European Union and we focus on the EU single digital financial market, we also expand our outlook globally.

The Smart Fintech Network seeks partners from academia, business and public sector.

Who we are?

We are a network of professionals with expertise in finance, payments, law and industrial organisation.

Our smart fintech network spans from Poland, Germany, Belgium to other European countries.

We aim to grow organically.

World's Fastest

FinTech Drift Forum

FinTech Drift Forum is our flagship project. It originates from the Payments Drift Forum.

The FinTech Drift Forum (FDF) runs on three tracks:

research track

business track

student track

The FDF tracks are laid down as events (conferences, seminars) as well as they are made through other activities (studies, articles, projects, networking, etc.).

Interested in cooperation?

Please feel free to contact us!